About us

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Established in 2010

We have simplified the ways organizations respond to emerging cyber threats. Our unique SOC products powered by Machine Learning and Geo-Specific Threat Intelligence makes effective and affordable threat hunting and detection attainable to resource-constrained IT teams.

Our Aim

To protect our national critical infrastructure from cyber related threats. CyberOps Lab Ltd develops technically-skilled leaders to strengthen enterprise and global information security. It enables full-time working professionals to learn advanced practices and management techniques from top scholar-practitioners in the industry, and to integrate real-world applied research into their education

We are Partner with

ISAC, Public Private Partner with NCIIPC

Statutory body under Prime Ministers Office, Government of India, for Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) Protection and cyber security

Partner with All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

the apex body for awarding Engineering Degrees in India for Center of Excellence in Cyber Security

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