Cassa Zenda aims to cooperate with an Eco-Friendly environment therefore we recognize our responsibility for reducing the environmental impact of our property through the following practices:

* Educate and inspire staff members and local schools to conserve and preserve
* Energy reduction with efficient LED lighting and in the future plans the generation of own energy with the introduction of solar panels property-wide
* Water reduction – property-wide water recycling where possible
* Cleaning Supplies – environmentally sustainable provided by locals to impact the community in a positive way through employment growth.
* Linen and towel reuse program.
* Recycling – glass, bottle, paper, cardboard, plastic.
* Waste reduction.
* Purchasing – consumable paper products in bulk purchasing to reduce deliveries.
* Providing fabric groceries bags for our guests.
* Preserve the character of the natural environment by utilizing sustainable landscaping techniques that incorporate local species.

Cassa Zenda´s contribution to local communities

Cassa Zenda is focusing solely to promote and create authentic high-quality handcrafted and designer Guatemalan products in order to be a vehicle to help transform cycles of poverty into cycles of prosperity. As important as the quality of the products we create, is the impact that we have on the local communities we partner with.

Cassa Zenda´s mission is to create a bridge from indigenous artisan communities who have few opportunities to access new markets to the rest of world, expanding and preserving indigenous culturally rooted skills and traditions passed on through generations and centuries but are fading away in the modern world we live in today, by empowering and teaching the artisan women to learn traditional regional hand craftsmanship giving them the necessary tools for a sustainable form of income, creating dignified jobs, expanding a new market demand for responsibly made products tapping into the growing global market for their goods, showcasing Guatemalan designer and handmade products created exclusively for Cassa Zenda for the luxury niche in the global marketplace.

The 15% of the income generated from every product you buy, helps us continue productions with our current partners and to reinvest in workshop venus for artisans who lack appropriate equipment to work and grow and allowing us to start a collaboration with new talented communities ensuring that through all these endeavors we invest in a form of economic development for the indigenous sector to be harnessed to their full potential to increase incomes and foster sustainable community growth with a more sustainable solution to poverty reduction.

Guatemala is rich in culture, traditions, and craft and acts as a continuous source of inspiration for all of our collections. We continue to explore different regions within Guatemala since each one brings its own multi-faceted interpretations and exciting innovations, help us support the growth and expansion of ancient cultures and traditions by choosing handmade over mass production products.