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By choosing one of these tours you choose to immerse in the mystic world of Izabal. Expert guides have designed unique tours for you to explore the sites and beauty that forever have enchanted the world uniquely and exotically. Cruise along the Rio Dulce in the Izabal district of Guatemala by sailboat, kayak or motorboat. Whichever way you tour "Rio Dulce," enjoy the view of gorges, canyons, tropical vegetation, and abundant wildlife. Rio Dulce connects Lago Izabal with the town of Livingston on the Caribbean coast, and a river cruise is a great way to visit this isolated and heavily forested area of Central America. Lake Izabal is Guatemala's largest lake, 50 feet deep in places and over 28 miles long. The lake is known for its silk felt water which temperature is as perfect as if it was costumed made.

THE BOCAS DEL POLOCHIC WILDLIFE REFUGE a wetland formed by the Polochic River delta in Lake Izabal, the largest lake in Guatemala. The wetland’s wildlife is abundant, more than 250 species of birds, as well as important populations of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, can be found within the Refuge.

EL BOQUERÓN ECOLOGICAL PARK is a natural park with an impressive passage of giant rock walls with a river that passes underneath. This destination allows you to take a walk in cayuco and discover vegetation walls with more than 100 meters high. It has guide services, horse rentals, trails and much more. Entry fee: Q.25 per person.

FINCA PARAISO is a must-do, especially as this one has got a twist. You see, the hot springs are located at the top of a waterfall, and you can either choose to bathe in that or stand beneath the 12m drop and feel the hot water hit you before quickly mix with the cold water below - quite the experience! Entry fee: Q.20

CASTILLO DE SAN FELIPE is a Spanish colonial fort at the entrance to Lake Izabal. The fort was strategically situated at the narrowest point on the river. The Castillo de San Felipe was used by the Spanish for several centuries, during which time it was destroyed and looted several times by pirates. Entry fee: Q.20

RIO DULCE CANYON is a river running from Lake Izabal, in the eastern part of Guatemala, to the Carribean. The river itself is exquisite, with graceful birds and tall cliffs overflowing with lush flora. Rio Dulce Canyon, Guatemala is a river running from Lake Izabal, in the eastern part of Guatemala, to the Carribean. The river itself is exquisite, with graceful birds and tall cliffs overflowing with lush flora.

LAKE EL GOLFETE is a long narrow lake in Guatemala. It lies at sea level and is connected by the Dulce River from Lake Izabal draining to the Amatique Bay in the Caribbean Sea.

NATURAL HOT SPRINGS This place is unique and peculiar among the tourist places of Izabal where there are natural hot springs. The water in this place gushes hot due to a geological fault that allows the heat of the crust to rise to the surface creating a natural Jacuzzi. In Izabal there are two places that have natural hot water, Aguas Calientes and Finca Paraíso. You can arrive by boat to this place.

PLAYA BLANCA This is a private and protected area where there are no constructions since you want to keep the beach intact as a natural reserve. It has the characteristic of having quite calm waters, the beach is usually uniform and not very deep. It has hammocks and chairs where you can rest and enjoy.

SEVEN ALTARS This beautiful place is known for the natural pools that form beautiful falls in which you can bathe and appreciate the natural spectacle. In the middle of nature, you can see a river of clean, fresh and crystal clear water that flows into the Caribbean Sea. This is an ecological park that preserves the natural beauty. Entry fee: Q.20

LAS ESCOBAS TRAIL This beautiful place has two trails which are the waterfalls and the walk through the tropical forest. Both join in a circuit that allows you to observe an unparalleled nature and as you walk you will appreciate abundant tropical forests. You can also cool off in the Las Escobas River and swim in its waters. Entry fee: Q.10


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